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Walter Knoll

Luxury: What Does It All Mean?

Luxury still captures collective imagination quite unlike anything else. Recently, however, our political and economic climate has prompted us to question its efficacy. What, then, does this mean for design? David Congram writes.

SB Seating

Colour Matters

This year, Scandinavian Business Seating brings colour into focus, rolling out four fresh new shades for HÅG’s ever-popular Capisco Puls chair.


Top 5 Lessons Learned: Zenith + UTS Collaborate

Zenith Interiors and Gardner Wetherill Associates show us how to hit the books – the Agile way. Here are the top five lessons we learned from their collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney.

Walter knoll

Is It Still Even Possible To Specify European Product And Shrink Local Lead Times?

Getting international product on the spec is always a challenge. Shrinking local lead times makes the improbable completely impossible, especially if you have a fussy project manager. So how can we get classic European items into a project in a timely manner? Walter Knoll Australia teaches us how…

BuzziSpace Zenith Interiors

BuzziSpace + Zenith Interiors: The Science of Sound

For Belgian company BuzziSpace, silence and style go hand-in-hand. Along with Zenith Interiors, BuzziSpace is committed to rethinking the management of noise in our workspaces – leading the charge of acoustic engineering in product design. David Congram writes.

RH Mereo Scandinavian Business Seating

A Task Chair That Fits The Body

The RH Mereo office chair created by Scandinavian Business Seating in collaboration with Veryday possesses intuitive ergonomics tailored to the physical attributes of the individual user.