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WeWork Hong Kong by NC Design & Architecture

The 60,000-sq-m space unfolds over eight floors and aims to encourage social interaction rather than a place to simply come and work in isolation. But outside of the obvious “collaboration stations” how are we designing spaces that actually make us want to get together?


How to Seduce Your Audience at Singapore Indesign 2017

You have a great brand, exceptional products and a story to tell – now it’s time to seduce your audience! And there is no better place to do that than Singapore Indesign.


Distracted in the Open-Plan Office? You’re Not Alone

With up to 50 per cent of employees having a complaint about the lack of privacy and overly distracting nature of open plan offices, maybe it’s time to check out the solutions – this is where Framery comes in.


Greenlam Wows in Bangkok with ‘Design for Tomorrow’

Greenlam brought together 800 regional architects and designers in Bangkok for a master conference focused on design innovation, and followed it up with a huge party for over 2,000 people to celebrate its latest products!


Hey, Is It Time To Mix Things Up? Let’s Collaborate!

There’s a lot to be gained from having multiple perspectives on your A+D project, from enhanced creativity and innovation to improved problem solving so why aren’t more of us collaborating across sectors?


Throwaway Culture & The Appeal of the New : The Case for the Future-Proofed Object

Neolith, the Official Partner for the Object INDE.Award, teaches us a lesson or two about the importance of forward-thinking design to battle throwaway culture.