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Yuan at Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Steve Leung Designers capture the China of old in the first Chinese restaurant at the famed Atlantis The Palm Dubai Hotel & Resort.


BY Janice Seow

February 12th, 2015


In designing Yuan at Atlantis, Steve Leung and his team have derived their main inspiration from a ‘Siheyuan’ – a courtyard surrounded by buildings on four sides.


Guests passing through the dark wooden entryway will be greeted by a large, glowing latticed façade and a display of delicate porcelain ware.


A few steps in and one enters a magnificent blue and grey dining hall, which has been designed in the spirit of a Siheyuan, albeit with contemporary touches. The area is illuminated by a dramatic skylight embellished with Chinese screens and a delicate hanging art piece tailor made by famed Japanese designer Hirotoshi Sawada, which recalls the elegant movement of a thousand fluttering silver birds.



A series of elegant tables and high back chairs with blue brocade sit on a glimmering, raised platform, which is also used for dance performances. To the side, the bar features a luminous backdrop of beige onyx stones and a mosaic of mother of pearl shells.


The dining hall on the upper floor is positioned to the north of the layout where the principal ‘house’ of a Siheyuan would reside.


The private room sits next to the main entrance while nearby, koi-patterned feature walls and an aquamarine carpet come together to create the illusion of fishes leaping out of a pond.

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