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The Latest from DEDON

Introducing the DALA Loveseat, SWINGREST Extensions and TANGO Basalto, the newest designs from DEDON.


BY Janice Seow

March 20th, 2015

Top image: DALA Loveseat

DALA Loveseat by Stephen Burks

First launched at Salone del Mobile 2012, the DALA collection drew widespread attention for its unique design and revolutionary new environmentally-friendly fibre. But 2015 brings what may be the most exciting development yet. The DALA Loveseat makes its debut this year, a sprawling circular sunbed with ample cushions supported by hi-tech Batyline® fabric. Like the rest of the DALA collection, it features an innovative frame of expanded aluminium mesh through which strands of DEDON’s lustrous environmentally-friendly fibre are woven.

The DALA Loveseat features a built-in table and rotates on rollerblade wheels, and can be turned towards the sun or a different view with just a gentle push.

SWINGREST Extensions by Daniel Pouzet


With its gracious lines, generous proportions and inviting personality, the SWINGREST lounger has already established itself as a DEDON classic. Now, the SWINGREST concept has been extended to include smaller, more intimate pieces with the same iconic appeal and thoughtful attention to detail.

SwingMe is a hanging single-seater with a wrap-around backseat; the SWINGREST Lounge Chair comes with an elegant rotating base; and the SwingUs love seat is a swing chair for two.

Each new member of the SWINGREST family shares the original’s organic curves, basket-like construction and extra-wide DEDON fibre.

TANGO Basalto by Richard Frinier


Characterised by its flowing lines and rhythmic herringbone weave, the TANGO collection has established itself as a DEDON classic. The dynamic curves of the chair backs merge organically with seats and armrests, enveloping the body in a protective embrace, while integrated seat cushions ensure ample comfort in any position.

And now, the introduction of a new colour, the subtle shade of Basalto, brings elegant lightness to the collection, and shows off TANGO’s distinctive wave to full effect.